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You will receive one Sheet with 3 Strips that measure 8 1/2" by 2"This will fit the sides of an 8" round cakeEasy to apply, instructions included

This is an edible cake art image, easy to use and looks like the colorful design is air brushed onto the cake. This edible image fits on any cakes 8 - 9 inches round. INSTRUCTIONS:Simple and easy to use comes with instructions... Just peel off the paper backing and lay the sugar art on top of your freshly frosted cake, then gently smooth with your finger tips. After approximately 15 to 20 minutes, the sugar art blends in with the frosting and gives it an almost air-brushed look.STORAGE:Image is packaged in what appears to be a grocery store Ziplock bag, but it is made of mylar. Do not refrigerate or put in freezer. Keep away from sunlight and direct light and at normal room temperatures -- placing flat in a cupboard or drawer is great. This is a moisture sensitive product made of completely edible ingredients. When placed on food, it absorbs moisture and becomes soft, blending with the food. Under these conditions, the edible cake art image will last six months to one year.CAUTION:Do not remove the edible cake art image from its air-tight plastic bag until the cake is frosted and ready for the decoration to be put on it. Air dries the edible cake art and makes it brittle and cracked! If this happens, the edible will not peel off the paper backing.This is an Edible Image decoration. (1 per pkg.) (Cake & frosting is NOT included)

1 X Minnie Mouse Designer Prints Edible Cake Image PDDXRBKWP

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