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Silicone stretch lids are sturdy and stretched to cover different sharp and size container, fit tightly on bowls, glassware, jars and food can, even mini watermelon or cantaloupe. Package come with 6 different sizes for you to choose.There are lots of handy tabs all around the lids, making them easy to remove from container and keep food fresher in fridge without leak.Extra thick silicone lids are high sturdy and flexible will not tear or warp, can be reusable and safe in dishwasher, microwave and freezer. WARMING TIPS: Dry lids will work better with containers.It is made of high quality and environment-friendly silicone, can be use for again and again. They can totally replace aluminum foil, plastic wrap, press and saran wrap.They are stretchable and make a tight seal that won't let in air or leak. 6 different sizes meet most your needs.

Here's a new twist on the old food storage container tops you have in your cupboard! See images above. 1. These handy covers are made from super-stretchy silicone. 2. They are circular in shape but pliable enough to seal even odd-shaped containers. 3. The tops are made from bpa-free, food-grade plastic. 4. They are microwave and dishwasher-safe. 5. They are also heat-resistant to 450 f, so reheating foods is never a problem. 6. Save on expensive, disposable plastic wrap, and save money on food bills by storing scrumptious leftovers for another meal 7. You will find a size that fits all your mugs, pots, cups and bowls. You get 6 covers: (1) 2.6" (will stretch to 3.5") (2) 3.8" (will stretch to 5") (3) 4.5" (will stretch to 6") (4) 5.7"(will stretch to 8") (5) 6.5" (will stretch to 9") (6) 8.3" (will stretch to 11")

12 PCS Silicone Stretch lid Durable Food Saver Cover Can Cup for kitchen Can Cup green OBLBYKGRD

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