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2018 UPDATED:Includes Your Rights as a WorkerINCLUDES STATE AND FEDERAL LABOR LAW POSTINGS: U.S. State and Federal Employment Laws require employers to post a Labor Law Poster at each of their locationsWATER RESISTANT DOUBLE SIDED LAMINATION: 24 x 40 Full Color Heavy-Duty Water Resistant Laminated Posters.EQUIPPED WITH QR CODE: Our Labor Law Posters are equipped with a QR Code designed to keep your business up-to-date and posting compliant.ATTORNEY APPROVED: Protection from Employee Lawsuits.

Product Description:

Recent federal and state administration has mandated numerous labor law posting changes for 2018. The average state is now experiencing 2-3 changes annually and some states anticipate as many as 4-5 changes per year. As an example, 20 different states have scheduled Minimum Wage increases for January of 2018.

You can be confident that in the event of an audit or inspection, your Washington Labor Law Poster 2018 will be compliant. It includes a QR Code and posting legends for easy compliance tracking.


Do your Washington Labor Law Posters include both mandatory State and Federal notices

Yes, our Labor Law Posters come with Mandatory and Recommended State and Federal Labor Law notices.

Are your Washington Labor Law Posters updated with all recent mandatory changes

Our Labor Law Posters are updated with all recent mandatory posting changes to assist employers in meeting their posting requirements.

Should I display Labor Law Posters in Spanish and English

If the majority of your workforce speaks Spanish as a first language and English as secondary, then it is highly recommended in such cases to display posters in Spanish to keep your employees informed about their workplace rights.

Where should we display our 2018 Washington Labor Law Posters

Labor Law Posters should be displayed in a location where they are visible to all employees at some point during their normal workday. Examples of suitable locations are common room, break/lunch rooms or conference room.

How does QR code work

Just scan the QR code on your Apple/Android device with any barcode reading app. A green screen indicates your Labor Law Poster is in compliance. A red screen indicates your Labor Law Poster does not meet current mandatory posting requirements and should be replaced.

2018 Washington State and Labor Law Posters XIZKBBADT

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