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Bake, toast, roast, broil and warm in Standard mode Bake, roast and broil in Pressure mode Temperature adjustable up to 450 degrees FCooks just like a regular oven Concentrates heat on your food, helping it cook faster while sealing in flavor and moisture Helps cook many foods up to 70% more quickly than traditional methodsCreates a moisture-sealed, pressurized environment Roast a 10 lb. turkey in less than an hour (versus 2-1/2 hours in a traditional oven)Poultry cooks in a third of the time and pork and beef in half the time Bake muffins, cake, cookies, rolls and more faster than ever

Don't let impending dinner plans put you under pressure. Wolfgang's sealed pressure-oven chamber delivers moist, succulent results up to 70% faster than your regular oven. Small enough to stay on your countertop year round, this oven provides a variety of versatile cooking options you'll use every day. Prepare a mouth-watering, juicy roast. Broil fresh fish. Bake brownies for your kids' party in record time. Wolf's pressure oven really takes the pressure off! What you get: Pressure oven Broil rack insert Baking rack Rack removal tool Drip/baking pan Roasting pan Crumb tray Use and care manual

22L Pressure Oven With Broil Rack Insert And Baking Rack by Wolfgang Puck PEQGHACRL

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