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Ergonomic handle: for a better grip and greater stability.Rotation and pressure system: you just need push the handle down and the head turns to obtain the desired result.Faster and more practical: obtain the best result with minimal effort and time.Blending whisks: incorporate air into preparations, making it ideal for whisking cream, egg whites, meringue, etc.Mixing whisks: to obtain smooth mixtures such as creams, purees, cake batters2 interchangeable heads: each one with a specific function.

30 different cup cake toppers! (Includes Pikachu and many other characters) High quality prints on premium edible rice/wafer paper Each image is 35mm (1.4inch) in diameter, perfect for small to medium cupcakes and muffins. Ideal for celebrations, parties or just great fun entertaining the kids. Can be used on shop bought or home made cakes, the paper will stick to wet icing, melted chocolate, butter cream or jam. The circles are clearly outlined to make cutting them easier, use sharp dry scissors and you are good to go!

30 x My Little Pony Cupcake Toppers Edible Wafer Paper Fairy Cake Toppersq XVVUXBLNL

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