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30 x 40 Polyester Poster Double SidedWashableDoes Not Rip

This mammoth polyester monster measures: 30 x 40 and is an officially licensed product. Why is this new fabric poster better than the traditional paper poster Because it's: larger than a traditional poster! - soft as silk Versatile (put it up/take it down) - vibrant (rich colors) Durable (won't tear like paper) AND it's washable. Hang it almost anywhere! - hang it on ceilings or walls! - use tacks, Velcro, tape or slip into ceiling panels! Use large clips and a dowel rod to make into a flag! Bring to concerts or events! - spill something on it... And then, that's right! Wash it!.

5 Finger Death Punch Warhead Fabric Poster 30 x 40in MWKQUORFB

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