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Approximate dimensions are 5" tall by 5" wide as displayedLeaves are natural aventurine gem stones, trunk is made of resin materialBranches and leaves can be arranged how you likeMoney trees symbolize long life, growth, and stabilityThe color green encourages good heath, wealth and prosperity

This gem tree is approximately 5” tall and 5” wide. The base and trunk are made of resin and the leaves are made of Natural Gemstones. The leaves and branches can be arranged how you like. Crystal gem trees are used in Feng Shui for many cures. They symbolize long life, growth and stability. They are used to grow positive energy and promote freely flowing abundance. The green color will help many things in your home or business including health (new strengths and healing old wounds), family, wealth and prosperity (career advancement). This is best placed in the living room, study or office, or bedroom. Place in the east for health and the southeast for wealth. Anywhere it is placed; this tree will bring excellent energy to your room.

5 Inch Feng Shui Aventurine Quartz Natural Green Crystal Gem Stone Bonsai Money Tree WPHRXQSUR

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