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WARM AMBIANCE MINUS THE MESS - No longer will you have to put up with the annoyance of cleaning candle drips.... or worry about falling asleep without blowing the candles. We care about your safety, and a risk of fire shouldn't be a concern. No more dripping wax, no more smoke & no more scent. Our Prducts will suit your every needIDIOT-PROOF - The batteries have 100+ hours of light-time and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom(Battery Specification:CR2032)PREMIUM ECOFRIENDLY DESIGN - The Luminary bags are very sturdy that can be reusedPLANNING AN EVENT - Bonus Luminary Bags are perfect for kids, bedrooms, crafts, romantic settings, window lamps, Halloween, Christmas or anywhere. They're the perfect giftsFOR MORE ACCESSORIES - check out our Special offers and product promotions below to get more discount

★Luminary Bags Operation:
1. Open up the bag and pour approximately 2-3 cups of sand, kitty litter, small pebbles or soil into it.(Maximum load bearing: 7oz / 200g)
2. Place the bags about 1-1.5m apart for maximum lighting effect.
3. Place a candle into the center of the pile, pushing it down into the soil so it is positioned upright and straight. You can use heavy-duty tea light candle or a votive candle.
4. Light the candles using either a large BBQ match or a grill lighter. Smaller matches will be difficult to use and will take quite some time if you have a number of candles to light.
5. Extinguish the candle once you have finished the event.
6. Luminary Bags is Flame-retardant, butNOT waterproof!!
7. If you want to enhance the brightness of the candle bags, just put one or two more candles into the bags.
8. If you use open fire to light up the luminary bag, please be away from kids, animals and strong wind.

1.Simply switch on / off on the bottom to control the LED candle light..
2.The electric fake tea lights come with batteries which have 60+ hours of light-time and can be replaced easily via the tab at the bottom. Replace for CR2032battery.

Our product has 100% satisfaction guaranty!!! If you have any question, please contact us for help.

★Package include:
50 x Flickering Led Tea Light Candles
50 x Luminary Bags

50 Flameless Tea Lights Yellow Flickering LED Tealight Candles with 50 Bonus Luminary Bags ERDFXNANE

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