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Comfy Package - Durable Aluminum Foil Pans for baking, cooking, food storage, meal prep and much more.Flexible Rim - Full curl rim can be easily bent to cover all the pan's edges.High-quality - Made with only heavy-duty aluminium material which is 100% BPA free.Disposable Baking Pans - Design Ideal for quick worry-free cleanup while durable & strong.Half Size Deep Foil Pans - Depth = 2 9/16 Inches, Top Length = 12 3/4 Inches, Top Width = 10 3/8 Inches, Capacity = 120 oz.

Easily and safely bake your favorite meals in Comfy Package Disposable Pans. These value pack of 30 aluminum pans are also great for cooking, storing, and serving all your entrees, sides, appetizers, and desserts. With its durable and sturdy edges, it's great as chafing pans, steam table pans, buffet pans and cooking pans. Its non-stick benefit allows you to make a dessert perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and picnics to anniversary dinner.

9 x 13 Aluminum Foil Pans [30 Pack] Half Size Deep Steam Table Pans LXNGIWUEQ

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