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Perfect for Bartending, Cocktail making and for Professional Bartenders Set. A must have for every Mixologist's kitSet includes 1 x carry case 1 x tempered mixing glass 1 x teardrop spoon 1 x barjig 1 x strainrayKeep your tools in a handy carry case made from PVC Tools made from stainless steel and glassTeardrop has longer product life with better balance when stirring Multi tool in one product Stronger material and eliminates deformationThe BarJig is the most accurate jigger Less liquid wastage More control with less spillage Stronger material and eliminates deformation

Uber's limited offer ProMix set is exclusive to customers this festive season. If you want to craft the best stirred cocktails you need the right tools, right. There's no better way than embarking on your journey by starting with our new lead free crystal 625mL mixing glass, designed for 4000 dish washer cycles. The quality is so good, just place the glass into a freezer, to chill it right down. Remove from freezer hours or days later and direct pour, room temperature liquids straight in, without fuss OR GLASS cracking. But before you get carried away, you must start your pouring process using Uber's 1-2 oz BarJig jigger. great tasting cocktails starts with accurate measurement, don't worry if you don't have steady hands. the trilobal shape reduces hand shake.and our easy-pour in and out exit lips, minimises spillage or mis-shooting. You'll know what we mean when you're using it. Now for the fun take your beautifully balanced, stainless Teardrop stirrer .wistfully , yet gently stirrer your cocktail to perfection (watch your friend delight in the show) . We recommend upto 30, 360 degree rotational stirs. it does take a little getting used to but the result are worth it. To complete the cocktail grab our StrainRay hawthorn strainer; place it onto the mouth of your mixing glass, pour directly into a serving glass. Repeat this process again and again. when you're all done. place all components back into your convenient zip lock ProMix carry bag till next time. oh. don't be surprised when you're invited to parties and asked to bring your ProMix set with you. It goes with the set. Makes a great tool for a bartender and the perfect Father's Day or Christmas Gift.

Ü ber Bar Tools Pro Mix Set RMASCKLHF

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