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Poach 3 eggs at one time, easy to use, perfect for your breakfast preparation. You’ll enjoy delicious low-cal poached eggs more often when you have this microwave poacher.An easy assembling and disassembling design, easy to cook, easy to release boiled eggs, also easy to clean up.Made of stainless steel and equipped with a spring long handle.Dishwasher safe, or it's easier to hand wash after disassembling.100% guarantee or your money back.

This BIGSUNNY Non-stick Egg Poacher holds egg in boiling water and make good shaped, easy to cook and easy to wash. Features a spring handler will be easy to release a perfect egg. Made of sturdy stainless steel construction, rustproof and long life time use. Now, get your Egg Poacher today!

Operating Instruction
-Simply lower it into about a half inch of simmering water(a nice slow boil, tiny bubbles.). The key is to find the point just about boiling and letting the eggs sit in the water without boiling, but hot enough for the poacher to stay hot.
-Break an egg gently into each cup. No butter needed.
-Cook till done just the way you like then lift poacher out of pan.
-Pull up on spring handle to release eggs onto plate, toast or breakfast rolls.

BIGSUNNY Egg Poacher Non-stick Stainless Steel Black JIFKPOUIG

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