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Italian hand made ceramic bake waredishwasher safemicrowave safeflame top acceptableEasy clean up

Coli Italian ceramic bakeware is handmade Italian fractory clay. Clay is the best material for bringing out the flavors of your food, more so than copper and cast iron and stainless steel. All the best chefs in the world prefer clay. All our Colie Italian products are made of ovenproof fired clay, making them functional on a flame, burner oven or microwvae and the baking items, made with refractory clay, can be used in an oven and on a slow growing flame. They are leadfree inside the cookware items to insure safety. The bright colors are reminiscent of the fascinating nature of the southern region of Italy where the items are hand made using century old techniques. All items are individually crafted,, all glazed by hand, kiln fired and hand painted. No two items are the same. Each item is created with love and history for a particular function and use. They are functional and decorative at the same time, going from your oven to your table for just one dish for all your needs. Made by Coli in Italy exclusively for French Home.

Coli Bakeware CL02-RD-C4 Italian Ceramic Oval Roasting Pot 3.25-Quart Red CMJNQUDFU

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