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Summer Pastures - captured fragrance of a verdant grasslandGlass candle comes inserted in a removable olive bucket made of galvanized metal with a slightly weathered finish, slotted cut-outs, and brown rusted trim on the top and base to give it a beautifully rustic charmThese candles are made with an exclusive wax blend using premium quality fragrance oils that will fill your home with an enchanting aromaThis lovely tapered tin pot and glass jar are both reusable after the candle has burned through, making it a wonderful and elegant gift perfect for any occasion, it's like two gifts in one!Capacity of thirteen ounces offers a long lasting fragrance with approximately 60 hours of burn time; Dimensions: 4.25" Diameter (top) x 4.5" High

WARNING: To prevent fire, burn candle within sight, out of reach of children and pets, and never on or near anything that can catch fire. Never leave burning candle unattended. Caution: Glass will get hot when candle is burning. Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" for maximum burn time. Burn 3-4 hours allowing wax to liquefy across top. Do not burn in a draft. Lead-free wick.

SUMMER PASTURES Olive Bucket Fragrance Candle Highly Scented Glass Jar In Galvanized Tin Pot 13oz PBAYKAMZN

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